motor spped control

  1. rodolfoviolac

    H bridge l298n in Parallel Burning Out After Some Time

    Hi Guys, I have a college project where I need to controll a motor (27V / 3 A), I used a H Bridge l298n in parallel to support the current, It worked for while and then stop but I don't know what was wrong. Does any body know anthing that could help me? The motor is a Maxon 118752 precision...
  2. Lambo Av

    L293N enquiries for Robots with PIC microcontroller

    Hi, all. I have downloaded an L293N motor driver for my Proteus 8 Professional from the following website. Based on the video link in the website (or you can click here: ), it says that the 2 pins (unknown to...
  3. reharik

    Proper motor controller for treadmill motor

    Hi, I'm pretty new at this. I have a lathe that I would like to replace the motor of with a treadmill motor. The motor I purchased has this description 1.75 HP Continuous Duty @ 90 VDC Amps 15 4200 RPM @ 90 VDC I have read about someone doing the old treadmill motor conversion on a lathe...