1. K

    How can I place the Capacitor on a PCB that receives a single power supply and outputs multiple power out?

    Hello I made a circuit that turns on/off the fan according to the temperature and controls the FAN speed(PWM) and this is my PCB design this is 2 layer board and both GND plane the FAN Speed Control motor is 3A and the Comp FAN motor requires 4 A power before this circuit, there was no...
  2. nasar khan

    N-channel 30v fast switching MOSFET alternatives or matches?

    Hi to Everyone! I have just delved into the world of electronic components and semiconductors by actually fettling with my car's ECU and fixing it. After repairing that and learning abit about audio and amplifiers (also fixing a few of those too) , I'm pretty much wanting to fix whatever i can...
  3. Mayank_2606

    NGSPICE Not recognising modelfile, they are in the same directory

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing great. I am trying ngspice and have run into a problem. Whenever I try to import a model file in that, It throws an error and I just cannot seem to rectify it. I am adding all the files here and ALso mentioning that all of them in the same folder and I...