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    How do mobile robot charging contact bars work? How are they safe?

    Hi all, Question for any of you who may know: How does mobile robot charging work safely? I notice a lot of delivery robots are designed with these large contacts (boxed in red below), but how are these designed to prevent them from being live contacts in case of customers accidentally...
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    Designing a simple BLE peripheral

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the RF circuits design. I'm a mobile app developer with some basic electronic skills and I need to design a simple BLE peripheral controlled by mobile devices (Android and iOS). The main feature of the peripheral must be to trigger an electronic switch when tapping on...
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    Making a mobile phone fast charger plug

    Hi all, I am totally new to all this and i honestly have no idea what i need so im looking for some advice. what i want is to be able to make my own circuit board layout for a fast charger plug for your mobile. what i want to know is: what components do i need which components connect to...