microwave oven

  1. Theodk

    Etna Microwave/Oven automatically resets after 3 seconds of operation

    Hi all, I really hope you guys can help resolve this mystery. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Recently, my microwave/oven combination (Etna CM751ZT/E01) stopped working. As the display wouldn't even turn on, I opened it up to check for any faulty fuses or thermal cutoffs. I did...
  2. M

    LG Mh6342 control board repair.

    Hay guys, I'm in a grind with this LG microwave control board. It had a gentle but sevier death. Upon inspection found leaked capacitors, two damaged optocouplers , a blown inductor and a pitted IC- LNK 364DN. I changed the caps and inductor. I changed all the parts, although had to jerryrig the...