1. levi_ackerman

    ESP8266 Running Problems - Memory [Python]

    I am using my ESP8266 device and have installed Micropython as firmware on it. I wrote some python code to fetch environmental data through a DHT11. The scripts I'm running with the ampy module, specifically, the command "ampy --port COM5 put file.py" and the command "ampy --port COM5 run...
  2. R

    2 stepper motors simultaneously on rpi pico (micropython)

    I am trying to get 2 stepper motors to run at 2 seperate (and changing) speeds on a rpi pico. the pico will also be doing other things (like reading inputs) along side this. the only way I know to control the speed of a motor is using the time.sleep (see code below function between pulses...
  3. J

    Parsing unique .txt messages issue in python?!

    Hello world of python programming . I am trying and struggling to parse a series messages from text file that has different unique patterns and save them as txt files using python programming. I have as input txt file: [#11:23][INFO][0x0015a] it's here and it's optimally required start...
  4. E

    is python supports for function array

    I want to use function array just like we use it in c/c++ in python. i have used it in c/c++ but I am new to python. I searched but I didn't find anything like that. I mean if I pass index to the array as a 0 then function saved at 0 should get executed and if I pass 1 then function at 1 will...
  5. A

    Python for programming ESP8266/ESP32

    For all with interest in application of the ESP8266 and ESP32 family microcontrollers from Espressif, I would like to reccommend the following project we are working on. Based on Micropython, we havebuilt a basic framework for IoT projects with ESP chips. The framework has out of the box and...