1. N

    When and why does embedded Electronic Control Unit(ECU) use default calibration values?

    Typical embedded ECU stores real calibration values and default calibration values in Non-Volatile Memory(NVM). Let's say ECU is Steering Controller and it's primary function is Lane Keep Assist(LKA). It is mounted in a commercial truck. It programs camera's real and default calibration values...
  2. Khisraw

    Controlling AC powered devices

    Hi All, As an electronics engineer, I have always worked with low voltage circuits and found it very difficult to control high voltage, AC powered devices. In my last project, I needed a power board that I can just plug my MCU or DSP and control an instrument that needs high power. I wanted an...
  3. Arjuna1

    Adding Voltages

    I am working on detecting fingers being placed on guitar frets. My idea is to run a small voltage through each of the strings, a different voltage for each string. The player touches the string and makes the string touch the fret. On the end of the fret I detect the voltage with a...