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    Battery Life Duration for Specified Voltage Drop

    I have a 8 AA batteries (12V total) that is powering a light that draws .0517A. The light no longer outputs enough light when the battery voltage drops to 8Vdc. Typically I'd calculate battery life via: 2.5Ah * 8 = 20AH. Then: 20AH/.0517A = 386 hours. Does this equation change if I want to...
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    9900mAh 3.7v rechargeable, really?

    I'm testing a 18650 LI-ION RECHARGEABLE BATTERY, that gets written on it "9900mAh 3.7v", for a low power sensor project. My question is what am i doing wrong cause I only can get around 800mAh out of it. The only element that I can not put in sleeping mode is a PIR (3mA => 800/3 ~ 11 days...