1. arduinolego611

    Get a docker image via command line (for running assembly language on a Mac)

    I have a book called "Learn to Program with Assembly" by Johnathan Bartlett. The book told me that once I downloaded Docker and had it running, I could get an image created by the author for Mac users to be able to use the code from the book by typing the following into the...
  2. Khisraw

    Running Python App on multiple Machines via Google Drive

    Hi, I have built a Python GUI app with Tkinter that I aim to run on multiple Mac OS machines via google drive. The purpose of the app is to retrieve info from a spreadsheet that is stored on google drive or any other shared drive. There will be multiple apps on multiple machines on google drive...
  3. intothewild

    LG Ultrafine 27MD5KA-B provides power to laptop, but does not get detected by computer. No video.

    Hi all! First time posting here. I'm a software developer that has worked with laptop repair in the past, but I am not seasoned in hardware. Seeking help on the following: I have a LG Ultrafine 27" 5K 27MD5KA-B monitor that I have acquired. When I first hooked it up, my laptop would detect it...