1. K

    Not working double LNA GPS Amplifier

    I have a problem with the GPS amplifier according to my own design, it does not work. There is no signal at the output. L4 is the impedance matching of the antenna to 50 Ohm by autotune in SimSmith. It is strange that the current consumption is 2.8mA for a single-stage amplifier (Infineon...
  2. K

    LNA simulation result doesn't match data sheet gain

    Please can you explain to me why the "Simulate ONLINE - BGA524N6 - Low noise Amplifier for GNSS Applications in 1550 MHz - 1615MHz with a High Q Inductor for Matching (Vcc = 2.8 V)" doesn't match the High insertion power gain: 19.6 dB. The simulation shows 10.16 dB only for 1.46 GHz.
  3. Minchuu

    CMOS low noise amplifier reference suggestions

    Hello, I want to design a CMOS Low Noise Amplifier for the frequency range 0.65 MHz to 1.45 MHz with: less than 3dB NF, ~10 dB power gain, greater than -5 dBm IIP3, and input and output impedance of 50 ohms. I am searching for references (books, sites, articles etc.) that can guide a beginner...
  4. K

    Boosting GPS signal with 2x LNA

    Do you think my circuit design can work ? Should I use SAW Filters on LNA input and output (I think they are build in into LNA already) ? I need to use the dipole wire antenna which has in ideal condition the sensitivity 2 dB only. I tested it with the SparkFun GPS Breakout - ZOE-M8Q and can't...