lithium ion

  1. NVZN1

    Is this circuit safe for 18650 charging?

    So i got this flashlight-it has built in lithium 18650. But i looked the PCB, i think it's way too simple. I only see resistors, and only has 1 super small IC. Does this even work for guarding and protecting lithium 18650 like BMS? I compared it with TP4056, tp has lots of IC (DW IC protect...
  2. hfghfghfgh

    Charging lithium ion batteries with laptop charger while supplying power to the load.

    I'm making a portable speaker setup that can be powered and charged at the same time by a regular 19.5v laptop charger. I'm kinda noob with electronics, so I'm not sure if this setup will work as expected. Anyway, the system runs on 4s 18650 batteries, the (protected) batteries are charged via a...
  3. johnyradio

    Do LI Charger Chips Require Constant Current Input?

    LI charger chips are switching step-down converters with a constant-current mode. Say it's a single switch buck-type charger. It's input range is 5V to 10V, and is capable of charging cells at 2A. Will that chip require a 2A input regardless of Vin, whether 5V or 10V? Or, can the chip accept a...
  4. G

    Li-ion cell charging module resistor selection?

    Greetings. A vendor selling TP4056-based 5 V charging modules for Li-ion cells specified the following resistance values and resulting current for selecting the current-programming resistor: R (kΩ) I (mA) 30 50 20 70 10 130 5 250 4...
  5. LightChaser

    Appropriate charging method and wire pinout? (lithium ion battery pack.)

    Hello there. I have a lithium ion pack that I would like to use in a project to power lights for my bicycle. But I don't fully understand the pinout of the wires. Could someone explain to me how to connect wires up so I can charge this battery.? Also what type of charger I should use to charge...
  6. T

    Most efficient method to switch between 2 battery system for EV?

    Hello all! I am currently conducting my thesis research. My aim is to determine the most efficient way to combine high power density batteries with high energy density batteries in an hybrid system for powering electric aircraft. The idea is by using two different types of batteries which are...