lithium ion battery pack

  1. F

    Switch 60v with ,max 30v relay??

    Hi guys and girls, I need your help! I have several standard 5v relays, you know the type standard blue Square blocks. They are rated 30v DC or 250V AC I need to use them for 40-60v contactor, about 0.10- 0.15A current draw. (11w during making contact, 7w continue) The Contactor does higher...
  2. LightChaser

    Appropriate charging method and wire pinout? (lithium ion battery pack.)

    Hello there. I have a lithium ion pack that I would like to use in a project to power lights for my bicycle. But I don't fully understand the pinout of the wires. Could someone explain to me how to connect wires up so I can charge this battery.? Also what type of charger I should use to charge...