lithium batteries

  1. ShinyFace

    Mini automated solar powered lamp

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to build a solar powered lamp that automatically turns on when it gets dark for my grandfather. He has already purchased a small solar panel connected with micro USB to a light bulb that has to be switched on, but I wanted to automate this by connecting a photo resistive...
  2. K

    Battery choice for wildlife VHF transmitter refurb

    Hi All, This is my first post at AAC; it looks like a great place to come for advice about battery selection for my project. I'm trying to refurbish some wildlife radio transmitters. The manufacturer wants $165 to refurbish each one, when all they need is a new battery. I've not been able to...
  3. anditechnovire

    Lithium batteries charging

    Please I have a bunch of lithium batteries connected in parallel, each rated 3.2v and 3Ah.(about 4 of them. I have a laptop charger with an output of 19v at 2.1A. I know I can't connect it directly to the batteries, so what type of circuit can I use to charge the batteries via the laptop...