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    LM3429: LED driver make a lot of noise on FM-radio

    Hi, everyone! I've made a LED buck-boost (BB) driver based on LM3429. It's for automotive lighting, so Vin = 9-14.5 V, LED string consist of 10 white leds. V_out is about 30V, I_out=1.3A. All components were calculated according to LM3429 datasheet for BB topology. All datasheet recommendations...
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    How can i control a 19v LED panel wirelessly trough a Arduino Nano and what about the circuit and which electronics do i need?

    Hello guys, I'm a 18yo (Electrical Engineer) student from the Netherlands, so i'm sorry if my english isn't that good :) So, i got a little job to do for school... i need to control a Studio Light (which is powered by a 19v adaptor) with a Arduino Nano... and maybe even with a BT/WiFi module...