lcd monitors

  1. lukecarp

    Need LCD Display Replacement

    I am looking for a replacement for this LCD display, but am having no luck with my online search. Does anyone know where I could possibly find something like this? The diagonal of the screen is about 2.375 inches, and there are three different part numbers written on the ribbon. They are...
  2. B

    LCD Help Please!

    Hello, I have a screen here that I would really like to use for a project as it's the perfect size. And it was free. But I can't find any information on how to connect to it. I.e controller / input boards and such. Any help would be awesome!!! Here are some pictures of the stickers, and also the...
  3. helder256233

    Help! make a program in picaxe with lcd,

    Hello good afternoon, I'm finishing a microcontroller module in which I have to make a program in picaxe with lcd, I'm still not sure what to do nor do I understand much, I would like to know if someone can give me ideas, or even give me the your program, thank you
  4. Alexweka

    About reflective foil in lcd screens

    Are reflective foils in lcd TV's made of aluminium, or at least are there any available tv models that uses them?
  5. C

    LCD backlight is not turning on

    I am a newbie here and I want a suggestion for my problem. I am facing a display issue. I have viewsonic LCD monitor and backlight is not turning on. Why it happened and how can I solve this? Moderators note : removed hidden link