laptop charger

  1. hfghfghfgh

    Charging lithium ion batteries with laptop charger while supplying power to the load.

    I'm making a portable speaker setup that can be powered and charged at the same time by a regular 19.5v laptop charger. I'm kinda noob with electronics, so I'm not sure if this setup will work as expected. Anyway, the system runs on 4s 18650 batteries, the (protected) batteries are charged via a...
  2. K

    Battery charger only works sometimes?

    Hi all, thank you for intresting for this topic. I have problem with laptop charger, it works when i plug it in (outputs 19V), when i disconnect it it measures 19V for a few seconds (capacitor discharge), but, when i try and connect the power cable again it doesn't work. When i wait for a idk...