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    Inductor Design Problem

    An inductor of inductance 80mH, 500 A at 60 Hz needs to be designed. But my area product is coming too high. Probably because of VA rating. Due to this I can't find a suitable core that matches its Ap. Please help me with calculations of Ap. Is there something I am doing wrong? My voltage comes...
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    AC resistance of an inductor?

    I measured the AC resistance of my customized inductor with network analyzer of core E70. I got 23mohms AC resistance and 2.3mohm DCR for 14uH inductor with 8 number of turns using litz wire(1400) of 4.3mm diameter. I also got 30mohm AC resistance and 11mohm DCR for 54uH inductor with 16 number...
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    Temperature rise in the Inductor?

    Hey, I have a customized inductor which is of E70 core. I would like to calculate the temperature rise in the inductor considering ambient temperature as 30degree celcius. I have a losses around 80W, core loss=20W, Ac copper loss= 60W. I would like to calculate the maximum temperature in the...
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    Tapping inductors

    Hello guys, I really need your help on this. I am designing an Inductor which is rated for 50A and 350 Vrms for 85Khz. I want to get 3 inductance value from one inductor so i decided to tap between the points or to use switch to get the required inductance. I just want to know if my...