1. F

    Help Identifying a Through-hole Transformer

    Hello, I need help identifying this transformer from a LED driver. 45C389J41 P.S. Why can I almost never find anything online from the markings on these small yellow transformers.
  2. venkata.leoenterprises

    Identify the IC

    Thanks before hand, Please identify the make and type of IC. This is from a backplane board. regards venkat
  3. Jorne

    Component identification - resistors? [solved]

    I have some old electronic components that I got from someone who repaired TV's, radio's... I assumed these were resistors, but the measured resistance doesn't match with the color code. For the ones with the brown body (see picture), I have two of them with the color code...
  4. G

    Help Identifying Component

    This part came off an ESC on a drone. I think it's a fet but can't find any info..Please help.