1. W

    Raspberry Pi triggers relay before power is turned on.

    I bought a relay like this today for my raspberry pi, and I am encountering a very strange issue. I connected the 5v output to the VCC pin, the ground to ground and a GPIO pin to the IN pin on the relay. I opened python and assigned 'led' to 'LED(15)', which is very standard. THAT triggered the...
  2. A

    Dying for a 1 wire switch IC similar to Maxim DS2413

    Well , I was looking for a slave addressable ic for 1 wire protocol which can control a single GPIO. The RS2413 is the most right IC I could find suiting my needs (however I need only 1 gpio). But in my country, I'm having difficulty finding this IC, also, if there is a little cost effective...
  3. LordOfThunder

    Convert digital signal from TTL 5V to Raspberry Pi GPIO 3.3V

    Hello! I am a Ph.D. student in particle physics and for our experiment we need to convert a 5V TTL digital signal (16-bits actually) coming out of a Phillips 726 converter and read it using the GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi 4. We do not need bidirectional communication. We just need to read this...