frequency meter

  1. J

    Need some guidance on frequency measuring project.

    Hello all, I will start off by saying that I don't know <snip> when it comes to circuit design or anything of that sorts, I am familiar with stuff like resistors, transistors, pots, and components like that, but I do not know about complex circuit design. I turn wrenches for a living and would...
  2. karol_design

    Frequency meter with MAX22707 - short circuit between digital GND and Neutral

    Hi all, I'm currently designing a low-cost domestic AC frequency meter. I decided to use Analog Device's MAX22707 (datasheet) precision zero crossing detector IC after obtaining promising results in the first stage of prototyping. Then, I designed a custom PCB which I'm currently testing...
  3. Adrienboub

    Remove 10ns jitter from a 1PPS signal from a GPS receiver

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a very accurate frequency counter. A GPS receiver allows me to have a 1PPS signal that I use as a reference to do my frequency measurement. According to the datasheet this 1PPS has a jitter of 10ns. In short, the more stable this signal, the more accurate my...