flashing lights

  1. A

    Getting a Constant Signal from a Demultiplexer

    So I have a circuit whereby a PWM signal is being sent to a demultiplexer, and the demultiplexer sends the signal to a MOSFET which takes it and allows a current to flow through the nixie tube. The higher voltage value in the original PWM signal, the more the nixie tube will light up. My issue...
  2. Selvedin

    DIY Ambient light won't shine, just blinking

    Hello good people, I bought a car ambient light neon strip. It works with an adapter which transforms DC voltage to about 100V AC. When I test it on my adapter it works just fine, it shines perfectly at 6V and 12V. The problem is when I connect it to the windows up/down light at the cars door...
  3. Marvinmuffintan

    Soldering Circuit Board on Christmas Fairy Lights to stop annoying blinking

    Hi everyone, im an absolute beginner here and i was made aware that i could technically solder some parts of a circuit board together to achieve a consistent steady light on my christmas fairy lights, which currently need to cycle 7 modes before it gets to a steady mode. The issue is that i have...