filter design

  1. selva97

    How we select LC filter for MAX3221?

    I have seen a schematic where they used MAX3221, RS232 Driver and Receiver. There they have used LC filter of inductor value 0.68uH and capacitor value of 680pF, but in datasheet they have not mentioned about frequency. Can anyone explain how they selected this value?
  2. C

    Active filtering circuit design

    Hello everyone, I need to design a circuit on breadboard that give filtered outputs as "0.5-4 Hz; 4-7 Hz; 7-12 Hz; 12-30 Hz; 30-100 Hz; 100-1000 Hz" using active filter principles with introducing input signal. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
  3. Z

    Finding correct value of components to get the centre frequency of a band reject filter at 30kHz

    Hello! I have to design a band reject filter using two capacitors, two resistors and a load resistor of 1kOhm. I already figured out the appropriate circuit and had derive the transfer function of the filter. I had chose the values for the capacitors, C = 0.01uF and the value of load...
  4. D

    Non-Inverting Amplifier (AC Coupled) : How to solve this circuit with lower and high frequency?

    I need to design this circuit with a gain of 26 for signals where the frequency varies from 800Hz to 8kHz and I also need to find out the current on the RL load. (VA = 100mV) Will C1 behave like an open circuit in ac analysis? I am getting to lower the frequency (800Hz) but I am not able to...
  5. B

    Digital filter application

    Dear all, I designed a digital FIR filter using the frequency sampling method and I got the filter coefficients. Now, I'm working on a real-time (time-domain) application (a numerical simulation) where the time step is varying (depending on the case). In this application the motion of a device...