failure analysis

  1. Lambo Av

    Generator at Slack Bus Reliability and Mean Time Before Failure

    Say, a generator at a slack bus with a voltage source of 1 V with phase of 0° with a hazard rate of 0.083. What's the reliability of the generator in 1 year and the Mean Time Before Failure? I have worked it out and got an illogical answer. Here are my workings, can anyone be kind enough to...
  2. Ganesan Magizh

    Electrical Over Stress - Looking your assistance to resolve the EOS issue in Automotive ECU.

    Dear Friends, I am working in an Electronics Manufacturer service (EMS) and we do PCB assemblies for Automotive products (ABS). We are getting many field failures due to components burnt issue. Mostly like diodes, ASIC, MCU and FET components are getting damaged/burning in the field. Whenever...