1. L

    Question about a control logic needed to be implemented

    Hello everybody.I have to implement the in house circuit cc-ih circuit which is an energy harvester circuit using simscape electrical. The description of the circuit can be found on page 7 of the pdf at Finite element-based assessment of energy harvesting in composite beams with piezoelectric...
  2. H

    Designing a polarity-reversing electromagnet with energy recovery

    Hi there, I'm looking to design an electromagnet that changes its polarity by the trigger of a pulse signal, by considering the lowest energy drop, I am looking for a sub-system to reserve the energy of the electromagnet to re-use it. If there are known circuits performing these requirements...
  3. akarpe

    Haptic Relaxation Bracelet components

    Hey guys so I’m trying to work on a wristband/bracelet that executes haptic rhythmic vibrations when the user is perceived to be stressed/angry (detected through their heart rate). I’m not very experienced in electronics so wanted to know what components I’d need to do this project.
  4. vilson_garciaa

    Energy harvesting from AC motor: components selection

    I'm trying to set up an energy harvesting system from the external magnetic flux generated by AC electrical machine (specifically, an induction motor). The goal is for the energy harvesting system to power a sensor, ESP8266 more specifically, and/or store it in a battery. I already made a coil...
  5. Answerzzz

    uW energy harvesting

    hello, I was reading in multiple papers that some researchers will use a weak power supply to power electronics that are at higher power demand. They do that by using a capacitor and some circuits to store energy and releasing it at once when it is enough. I believe the circuit will maintain...
  6. K

    How can i store the energy from a piezoelectric element, into a 3,2v Li-on battery?

    Hello, I want to build a piezoelectric energy harvester, that can store the energy whenever it it pushed, into a standard 3,2v Li-on battery. This is a project where I want to build a powerbank, that charges itself in the shoe, through pressure onto a Piezoelectric element. My problem right...
  7. C

    Thermoelectric generator (TEG) module confusion

    So am I looking to build a thermoelectric generator using peltier modules but I read that using modules that are for cooling are not the best at generating power from temperature differences. Does anyone know where I can find modules that are designed specifically for power generation? I have...
  8. Afabiani

    Problem with impedance matching circuit

    Hi! I have a doubt about the impedance matching circuit for RF energy harvesting. I’m not sure if the impedance matching circuit should match the resistance of the rectifying circuit or the resistance of the load I want to power. Hope I explained myself properly. Thank you!