1. G

    How do I find the uncertainty in a timestep for an oscilloscope

    I am trying to calculate the energy delivered by a short electrical pulse. I am using an oscilloscope to capture the waveform and then exporting it to a CSV file. My scope took measurements at a rate of once every 8 microseconds which means that each time time value could potentially vary by...
  2. jvsib

    What would be a great topic for undergraduate thesis?

    Good day, every one! Currently, I am third year Electronics Engineering student from Philippines. As part of our undergraduate program, we are required to conduct a research/thesis related to Electronics Engineering or Technology. Regarding this, I would like to ask your opinion about the...
  3. iamavameadows

    Energy Consumption

    I have a fan with three different speeds. On the bottom it says that it uses 43 watts. Does this value go to the slowest speed or does it always use the same amount of electricity.
  4. Dom10

    Solar PV Eco Water Heating Open Source Hardware Project/Proposal

    I think there is a gap in the market for a new electronic device. The device should power a simple resistive water heating element using the energy from a solar PV array. This will allow for cost-effective and environmentally sound water heating. The device will use maximum power point...