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    Ping with length >245 bytes ignored by ENC28j60

    Hi, Using a ENC28j60 with a cc1352p1 microcontroller and the lwIP stack. I'm trying to ping my device after manually assigning it an IP, and I can ping it and get a response when the number of bytes in the ping is < 244 bytes. So if I do >> ping I get: 64 bytes from...
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    Receive packets and read routine ENC28J60

    I am using an ENC28J60 Rev 7 (REVID = 0x06) with a TI CC1352P microcontroller. Trying to transmit and receive ethernet packets between the MCU and my computer. I was able to transmit packets from my MCU and see them in Wireshark, I could see the content of the message correctly. I am doing a...