1. C

    How to get rotor flux from Back-EMF constant in a PMSM ?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to do this and paste a link or name of legit, academic, source ? I only know the back-EMF constant from my motor but I need the rotor flux. Please any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Lambo Av

    Star-connected, 3-phase, synchronous generator with armature resistance, reactance, leakage resistance. Calculate rated load and unity power factor

    If a 100 KVA star-connected 400 V three-phase, 60 Hz synchronous generator with armature resistance 0.35Ω/phase and 3.5Ω reactance and leakage resistance given is 1Ω/phase. Calculate at rated load and unity power factor at i) No load e.m.f ii) Internal e.m.f. iii) percentage of regulation at...