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    Difference between USB Single ended impedance and common mode impedance

    Hi Team, I was learning about USB2.0 layout guidelines from this material[USB Layout Guidelines]. In page 2 you can see the statement that says a single-ended impedance is not critical as differential impedance.A range of 42 to 78 ohms is acceptable(equivalently common-mode impedance must be...
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    Controlled Impedance Trace-reference plane

    Dear Team, May I know why do we need to place a reference plane immediately below a controlled impedance trace. What will happen if it is not placed Regards HARI
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    Fan Regulator Feedback Generator

    Hello Everyone, I need help in to generate feedback for fan regulator to the controller. 1. AC Fan require 1 phase Ac supply (230VAC/50Hz) 2. Controller require DC voltage in range of 0 to 3V3 3. System is able to support all type regulator, there different type's...