1. E

    Want to update one address location in hex file

    In my one project i want to give some serial number and want to store it in the flash for the first time while flashing. I don't want to build the project again for updating the serial number. Is it possible to update the address location in .bin using any tool command line and flash the...
  2. ashokraj

    Is it better to specialize in one area( Hardware or software) or is it better to learn about everything(power electronics, Digital electronics, Analog

    Hi, In my first job I have worked as an Embedded systems engineer (with major focus on software) for 1.5 years. I am currently working as a hardware engineer for 2 years. Considering the long term success, is it better to specializing in one area( Specifically analog electronics or...
  3. Rui Fernandes

    ZMOD4410 - I2C with MSP430FR2155

    Hi, I am currently working with a sensor platform to measure IAQ. One of the sensors that I am using is the ZMOD4410 developed by Renesas to measure TVOC. I am having trouble with the sensor's I2C. In the datasheet it says that the implemented transmission protocol is similar to conventional...
  4. L

    How do i implement a dual role power system via a USB-C port for my custom PCB.

    I currently have a custom PCB design using the PIC16F1937-CN. The custom circuit gives an output voltage via the usb to an external device. I would like to charge my circuits battery with the same usb port which is currently not the case. It has another port for charging the device. What design...
  5. E

    Problem while flashing PIC Controller with PICKIT3

    i am facing problem while programming PIC16F18875 using pickit3. I am using mplab x on windows 10. I bought new chip and and from first i am getting problem. currently i am giving power from pickit3 which is approx, 4.5V. I checked the connection for MCLR, VDD, VSS, PGD and PGC pin. I have...
  6. ahsan034

    Manufacturing of smart locks and smart bulb

    I am planning to start manufacturing of smart locks and smart bulb that are integrated with tuya application. How should I make a circuit? I need help regarding designing and manufacturing. How should I manufacture driver?
  7. C


    Hi everyone, I am a final year student who is making a dissertation on Field-Oriented Control (FOC) with a BLDC motor. I am having the issue that with the virus outbreak I have had to modify a lot how to carry out my dissertation. As a result, I do not know what to write about anymore. I would...
  8. C

    Embedded Derivative Control for DC motor speed

    Hi all, I am fairly new to embedded control systems, for which I am using a PSoC 5LP to implement closed-loop speed control. I am currently working out the code for the PID controller and this is the following code I have (in C): P = Kp*error; I +=ki*error; D=Kd(error-last); PID=P+I+D; Now, I...
  9. N

    8051 microcontroller operating like Solitaire - University Assignment

    I was tasked with creating a certain 8051 microcontroller project by my professor and I am keen to build the project all by myself, however, in order to carry out the given assignment, I may need some expert guidance. The project description is provided in below paragraph. The microcontroller...