1. L

    How do i implement a dual role power system via a USB-C port for my custom PCB.

    I currently have a custom PCB design using the PIC16F1937-CN. The custom circuit gives an output voltage via the usb to an external device. I would like to charge my circuits battery with the same usb port which is currently not the case. It has another port for charging the device. What design...
  2. E

    Problem while flashing PIC Controller with PICKIT3

    i am facing problem while programming PIC16F18875 using pickit3. I am using mplab x on windows 10. I bought new chip and and from first i am getting problem. currently i am giving power from pickit3 which is approx, 4.5V. I checked the connection for MCLR, VDD, VSS, PGD and PGC pin. I have...
  3. ahsan034

    Manufacturing of smart locks and smart bulb

    I am planning to start manufacturing of smart locks and smart bulb that are integrated with tuya application. How should I make a circuit? I need help regarding designing and manufacturing. How should I manufacture driver?
  4. C


    Hi everyone, I am a final year student who is making a dissertation on Field-Oriented Control (FOC) with a BLDC motor. I am having the issue that with the virus outbreak I have had to modify a lot how to carry out my dissertation. As a result, I do not know what to write about anymore. I would...
  5. C

    Embedded Derivative Control for DC motor speed

    Hi all, I am fairly new to embedded control systems, for which I am using a PSoC 5LP to implement closed-loop speed control. I am currently working out the code for the PID controller and this is the following code I have (in C): P = Kp*error; I +=ki*error; D=Kd(error-last); PID=P+I+D; Now, I...
  6. N

    8051 microcontroller operating like Solitaire - University Assignment

    I was tasked with creating a certain 8051 microcontroller project by my professor and I am keen to build the project all by myself, however, in order to carry out the given assignment, I may need some expert guidance. The project description is provided in below paragraph. The microcontroller...