electromagnetic interference

  1. L

    Electromagnetic interference issues of PCB

    Hey,guys!Today I find an annoying phenomenent of my PCB borad. A Chip,LT8316, and some components on the front of the PCB borad.A LED on the back.And chip controls the On-off of a NMOS to control the power supplied to LED.When I tested the borad alone,the LED almost brighted perfectly.But when I...
  2. D

    HELP! RFI causing analogue instrument deflection

    Help! I have been pulling my hair out trying to find the root cause of this inference. any Avionics techs in this forum? This system is 24vdc Aircraft radio The Situation I currently have two resistive based instruments that deflect when radio is keyed. I have determined RFI is coming from...
  3. DonBradman

    Role of Pull up in reducing noise in a hall effect sensor.

    What decides the choice of value of pull up resistors in hall effect sensors? I have flow sensing system with a hall effect sensor. I was facing some erratic behavior when trying to take out known volume from this sensor. Sometimes it would give out the desired volume in a particular pulse...
  4. all_about_the_dip

    EMC improvements

    Greetings, I've been in a design for a while for my university. It's a security system based on sound(a glass break detector) but the point of the question is not the functionality of the circuit but the EMC issue. I've tried to reduce the EMI but I would like to ask to any expert any kind of...