1. trainwreck

    General questions about electromagnets

    Hello, this is my first post here so if I am in the wrong place please let me know! I am trying to learn about electromagnets, and so decided to just make one and try things out as it seems simple enough. I am using 18awg magnet wire wrapped around a relatively large 3" diameter by 5" tall mild...
  2. M

    Materials for electromagnets

    So I have 2 3 inch, .5 inch diameter rods of 1018 steel that I’m trying to turn into electromagnets. I know it’s permeability isn’t that great but I couldn’t find any soft iron. What gauge wire is best for making rather powerful electromagnets? What type of batteries should I use? Is there...
  3. A

    Making electromagnet and not burn the Magnet

    Hi All, I have made an electromagnet of using 1 mm diameter wire appx 60 turns. here is the problem... i have 600W smps(computer power supply) and i want to use that to power my electromagnet. On smps it shows 3.3V with 25A and 5V with 18A. If i connect my electromagnet to one of these terminals...
  4. Sungchow

    Does anyone know the gauss amount of a automotive rotor winding?

    As people know, automotive alternators and gauss meters have been around since before the internet, yet, even though this is true, i can not, i repeat, i cannot find any info on the internet stating the surface gauss of an automotive altetnator rotor. Seems very odd that i cant find that info...