elctronic ciruit

  1. blink13

    Other methods of converting a pushbutton switch to a latching/toggle switch (Zero power if off)

    It's been days since I have been on this quest of making the pushbuttons that come with a electronics kit I bought to a toggle switch and although I have achieved it by using a NE555P IC Timer, I am not liking how it still consumes power even when the whole circuit is intended to be off. I am...
  2. J

    Mc2100ls-30 tread mill control bored pretends to me a sparkler

    Hello! So the other night me and my wife had gotten a tread mill (Nordic trac elite 3700) off of Facebook marketplace for $50 and I tilted the walking track upwards last night and for some reason the incline motor decided to continuously lower itself. It appears it Endlessly increased its draw...
  3. S

    Energy calculation of a cuircuit simulated in Ltspice.....

    I have designed a subcircuit by writing code and did a transient simulation. How would I know the power consumption or energy consumed by the circuit? Thank you. santlal prajapati