1. F

    Earth Resistivity Test on concrete base

    Hi, I am planning to conduct an Earth Resistivity Test on my property. The issue is that my building's basement is entirely covered with concrete and pavement, and we intended to use the Fall-of-Potential test method since there are no other equipment options available for rent in my location...
  2. T

    grounding of leaking PSUs and common ground with rectified mains

    that title is quite a bit clunky, hope I'll do better job explaining what my problem and requirement is here: I have a circuit that has two PSUs: one for MOSFET driver chip (PS2); one for Raspberry pi (like) board (PS1). The driver is driven by the LTV-3120 driver which has it's input...
  3. L

    Bridge rectifier earthing

    I have a hydro turbine that generates 3 phase ac, I then rectifier it to run a grid tie inverter, I'm wondering if I should earth the negative output of the rectifier?
  4. meowsoft

    Please review my earthing system for small data center

    *Wire Size Common Ground Terminal -> Ground 1 (10mm2) Common Ground Terminal -> Ground 2 (16mm2) 10mm and 16mm is clamped together at some point Lightning Terminal -> Ground 3 (50mm2) Lightning Terminal -> Lightning Arrester/Rods (50mm2) Ground 3 -> Ground 2 (10mm2), for prevent equipotential...