1. DarshanDodal

    DSO138 "+" Key Short to ground

    I am having an issue with my DSO. The trigger LED always remains on and I am unable to use any keys. But if I press the "SEL" key, "save" appears on the screen, which is a clear indication that "+" key is pressed. I have checked the key and it appears to be shorted with ground. I tried removing...
  2. H

    DSO 138 oscilloscope - 3.3V shorted to ground

    Hello, I bought a pre-soldered DSO138 and it worked when I started it for the first time. But soon after the screen went only white and the LED isn't doing anything, which means the MCU isn't working. Also U5 (78L05) gets really hot, which led me to thinking something is off with the 3.3V line...
  3. Emad2017

    how Oscilloscope Cards transfer sampled data for display on PC

    Hi everyone, Most of oscilloscope cards and DAQ cards have very high sample rate in comparison with the speed of thier interface port (for example usb). I know that it is not necessary to send all sampled data to pc for display and most of digital processings are performed by card itself. My...