direct current

  1. klopix

    looking for very special push button switches

    Hello world, I'm desperately looking for switches like the one attached to this message for a personal product design. If anybody got any idea where I could find them I would be very grateful. TIA
  2. M

    Voltage Point Problem.

    Greetings. I’m working on a example on finding the voltages between the various points. Now if you look at figure 2.13 A) & B) I need to find the voltages between points A & C in both figure examples. Now in Fig.A) the voltages between A & C is zero, but in FigB) the voltage point is 3. Now in...
  3. ChrisWhite85

    Solar LED Troubleshooting and Learning

    Hi all, I have a Solar LED Light that is not working, and I want to use this to get back into electronics a little. I'm a Control Systems designer, but this level of electrical work still creates a lot of confusion for me. So I am hoping to use this as a learning project. The board is a...
  4. P

    draw the dc output voltage in a graetz circuit

    Draw the dc output voltage and voltage across T3 in a Graetz Circuit when firing angle is 45 degree and u=30 degree.
  5. Rahulk70

    Brushed DC motor draws more current in one direction than the other?

    HI, I was recently trying to test the capacity of a battery pack I'm building and was trying to measure the current draw using a 35 Turn 540 brushed DC motor (apparently on the website I had purchased from said something about it being sensored, but I couldn't find any sort of sensor inside)...