1. M

    Termination for Differential Pair - 50 ohm transmission line

    Hi, I have a circuit (see attached) and I am wondering what happens to a differential signal that gets generated in U1 and received by U2. Lets say the signal has a 400-600mv swing at the output of U1. Would I see the following at U2? Vout = R2/Rs+R2 * Vin : Vout= 50/10+50 * 600mV =...
  2. Alex_Khan

    Designing Differential amplifier with differential output

    Hello! I have done calculations for designing a differential amplifier (DA) with differential output. I simulate (using cadence ) the DA with the calculated values and perform the DC analysis of the circuit to inquire all the transistors are operating in saturation. However, I did not get all...
  3. S

    RL differential equations

    Hello i am new on the forum and i want to ask my 1st question. I have to find the transfer function v(t)/i(t). First of all i calculate the the differential equations and the result is 2+i(t)=ir+c*dv/dt 2+i(t)=e^vr+c*dv/dt Then i have to lenearize the e^v and the result is 2*v+1.38. I think i...