1. saviobezerra

    SAW Sensor - Why is my circuit not oscillating?

    First, sorry for the bad english. It's not the first time I've been looking for help on this circuit on the forum. I'm from Brazil, I'm doing a university project using which basically consists of using a colpitts oscillator with differential pair, with a SAW sensor in its feedback loop. The SAW...
  2. M

    Termination for Differential Pair - 50 ohm transmission line

    Hi, I have a circuit (see attached) and I am wondering what happens to a differential signal that gets generated in U1 and received by U2. Lets say the signal has a 400-600mv swing at the output of U1. Would I see the following at U2? Vout = R2/Rs+R2 * Vin : Vout= 50/10+50 * 600mV =...
  3. Alex_Khan

    Designing Differential amplifier with differential output

    Hello! I have done calculations for designing a differential amplifier (DA) with differential output. I simulate (using cadence ) the DA with the calculated values and perform the DC analysis of the circuit to inquire all the transistors are operating in saturation. However, I did not get all...
  4. S

    RL differential equations

    Hello i am new on the forum and i want to ask my 1st question. I have to find the transfer function v(t)/i(t). First of all i calculate the the differential equations and the result is 2+i(t)=ir+c*dv/dt 2+i(t)=e^vr+c*dv/dt Then i have to lenearize the e^v and the result is 2*v+1.38. I think i...