1. BrokenPin

    why there is a continuity between 3.3V rail and GND?

    Howdy, I have the EVAL_4kVA_230VAC_5LINV 5-level active neutral-point-clamped flying capacitor (ANPC-FC) inverter evaluation board at my university. When I tried to use it I found out that there is a partial short (low impedance ) between the 3.3V rail and the ground in the control board like...
  2. alexbez


    Hey guys, I am trying to diagnose what the issue is with my Kurzweil CUP2 digital Piano The piano displays no sign of life besides a red on led. LCD screen does not display anything Buttons do not seem to do anything(there is a little red light above each button that indicates the "mode" it is...
  3. O

    Old Dental Micro motor power supply problem

    Hi! I have a very old Kavo Brand German made micro motor (probably made around 1970s-80s). It it a very well built tool but the power supply is suffering from some problem. When the brushed motor hand piece is connected and powered on, it will spin but in constant pulses (maybe 1 second on, 1...