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    Buying a Spectrum Analyzer and my understanding

    I'm planning to buy a spectrum analyzer (Signal Hound) or may be some different like Rigol/Siglent. I want to know if my understanding are correct, like how its going to help me. I mostly work on 433Mhz, 915Mhz and 2.4Ghz frequncy based modules, while development I'm not sure if radio was...
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    Ceiling mounted LED light flashes on/off

    Hello! Years ago I built an infinity mirror with a shadowbox and LED strips. It's great! I hang it on the wall or ceiling, depending on my space. I just moved into a new apartment and want to replace a ceiling light with my mirror. I removed the light and wired a short extension cable into the...
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    Soldering dead bug circuits

    Hi there, I have been working on an AM radio test generator. It is from the book ”building your own transistor radios”. I would provide a schematic of the circuit although I believe the copyright would prevent me from doing so. The two ICs used in the circuit are the 74HC14 hex Schmidt...
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    SWD USB connection

    I will be building my own board STM32 for my projects, I've noticed people always put breakout sockets for SWD. My question is why? why not make it connected to the usb port for simpler debugging/uploading code