current control

  1. Bradleydof

    PWM/DAC voltage and current regulation

    Hi, I'm new to this forum (and forums in general). I am starting my second year of engineering school (midlife career change) and have a problem I have been trying for figure out, on and off, for about a year. With an unregulated 35VDC input I am wanting to use a MCU (ESP32 specifically) to...
  2. Vish Ram

    SMPS Current Regulation

    Hi Experts, I've SMPS (AC to DC) which gives output of 12V, 20A, 240W, & I've to attach Peltier device (TEC1 12706) with SMPS, but Confusion is Peltier have max. Current rating as 6A, but SMPS is giving 20A, So how to limit o/p of SMPS to 6A, so it wont damage Peltier, how current regulation...
  3. M

    DC-DC Current Limiting

    Hello, I'm looking to design a stupid simple DC-DC converter with two goals only: Current regulation to no more than 90 amps Lowest possible cost (total cost sub $50) Can it be done? The power supply is a Prius. The Prius Gen 2 DC-DC converter (used instead of an alternator to charge the...
  4. A

    transformer core explanation required

    hello everyone, this is a stupid question but if anyone can answer this, i'd be so grateful. the question is about the transformer core. take a simple EI laminated silicone steel core for example. we know primary winding magnetises and secondary demagnetises. and at a some point an equilibrium...
  5. I

    What is the best, and most handy way to add a fast short current protection to SparkFun Toshiba TB6612FNG?

    Toshiba is almost %100 efficient, no cooler at 2–2.5A, way ahead than any other thing for such currents. So cheap and as a kit perfect to use daily everywhere by youth. One handy short current topology makes it killer because it is stackable as paralel. You can easily do 100A box without a fan...
  6. J

    Homemade Power Supply How to?

    I'm posting today hoping for some guidance on a project i would like to attempt. I recently came into a lot of 64 12v 7AH Sealed Lead Acid batteries from a backup UPS. The batteries are still good and take a charge and load like normal for the most part. Since i only have the batteries and...
  7. V

    what is the smd equivalent package of BD139 NPN transistor?

    I am developing a basic switching circuit using a PIC microcontroller where the maximum drive current will be up to 2A in this case I was using BD139 but now due to my PCB has a Single-layer option I have to use SMD for it. so, please anyone suggest to me the best NPN SMD transistor for my...
  8. Amir Mohammad Soltanpour

    How to limit LM2596 output current

    How can Lm2596 constant output current be limited ? How lm2596 cc cv module like in the picture control output current ?
  9. thatguy98

    current limiter for led lights

    hi, i have 4 led lights designed to work in ac but i want to use them in a garage that doesn't have power. The lights consist of just an led strip without any resistors, have a forward voltage of 60v and draw 300mA. I thought of removing the ac/dv converter and just use a 60v battery to power...
  10. J

    Current control for a battery charge

    How can I control the current that is supplied to a battery? I need to balance current consumption to avoid some parts of the system run out of power. My system is described in the attached file. I have a 12V input which goes into a Boost regulator to get 48V. Those 48V are used to feed a...