1. lucky930

    What is wrong with my Timer/Counter?

    I'm using ATMEGA8 for my project. I want to make a LCD display a clock. The below code works fine and displays a code in proper format on the LCD. But the problem is the timer/counter is not getting synced with real clock, it is having 2-3 second difference with the real time on my watch. I've...
  2. MissFluffy

    Is it feasible to design a user-friendly, DC-powered digital alarm clock without relying on....

    Hey there! I'm diving into a fun project and trying to design a digital alarm clock. I've been scouting the web for inspiration, hoping to find a simple design that I can tweak a bit. The thing is, a lot of the projects out there use transformers, Arduinos, or dive deep into programming with...
  3. ayomi|

    Down counter shown on a 7 segment display using ram or rom in logisim

    I need to have a 2-digit down counter based on read-only memory RAM or ROM and to show the count on a 7-segment display, all done in Logisim or in another program. Can someone help me thanks
  4. R

    If you can Help! ?o design an Automated system

    I need to design an Automated system such that a user gives inputs in 3 bits and there's a clock running that resets itself and gives a positive signal after the time indicated by input. We can use logic gates, combinatorial circuits, sequential circuits, counters, registers.