1. Samwilliams_4

    Help with dice game code errors on PIC 18F452 microcontroller

    Im trying to finish a dice game code on a PIC 18F452 microcontroller using assembly language by tomorrow morning and only have 7 errors left in his code. If i can fix the remaining 7 errors, i won’t have to drop the class so if anyone can help out tonight that would be greatly appreciated. Here...
  2. Muhdhazzim

    Easy68k timer and 7 segment display

    Can someone teach me how to make a timer coding and display it on 7 segments display? urgent. Please
  3. I

    Using load cell to move servo

    I have a marble sorting project in which I want to use a load cell to move my servo motor a certain degree. I have calibrated the load cell so it measures my weights accurately, but I need to incorporate code that uses this measurement to move the servo. I'm using the Arduino app with an HX711...