1. C

    Unusual behaviour of comparator in LTspice simulation.

    I'm trying to build a simple PWM modulator to convert the analog Audio signal into an PWM waveform, the triangle wave generator works fine and i have used an AC sine wave as an audio input, with an DC offset to match with the Triangle wave reference, but couldn't get the comparator circuit into...
  2. C

    Need help understanding an Class D amplifier design.

    So I've been recently trying to build a simple class D amplifier, I've seen through the block diagrams and design considerations online, but recently came across an Amplifier design which doesn't seems to fit the majority of the circuits online. So in the input stage we use a comparator to...
  3. J

    Class D Amp - Where in the circuit is the PWM occurring?

    Hello, I have a Class D amplified speaker I am trying to fix (circuit attached). The fault at the moment is that when the speaker is powered on, and with no input signal, one of the speaker channels half-bridge configured FET's begin to immediately overheat. Hot enough that it turns the solder...
  4. acacacaca

    Unexpected result of IR2110 for the purpose of Class D amplifier

    I have tried a few IR2110 models but still cannot get the expected result. Would you mind giving a helping hand to see if there are some problems with the IR2110models or my connection is incorrect? The models can be found within the google drive...
  5. Ayoub9898

    Need help in class D amplifier

    Hello everyone I need help please I dont have 2n4401/2n4403 Also irf540/irf9540 What can I exchange for them? I have added a picture to the circuit