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    Building an Analog RGB to YPbPr Converter

    (Today is National Retro Day) I'm adding HDMI output to my vintage Atari 800XL 8bit computer to project it on my large TV. I'm a novice. I've built a circuit for "High Speed Analog RGB to YPbPr Converter" using an LT6559 & LT1395 to "map RGB signals to YPbPr". It doesn't seem to work and it...
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    How can i control a 19v LED panel wirelessly trough a Arduino Nano and what about the circuit and which electronics do i need?

    Hello guys, I'm a 18yo (Electrical Engineer) student from the Netherlands, so i'm sorry if my english isn't that good :) So, i got a little job to do for school... i need to control a Studio Light (which is powered by a 19v adaptor) with a Arduino Nano... and maybe even with a BT/WiFi module...