circuit breaker

  1. J

    Suitable replacement for THERMAL MAGNETIC OVERLOAD SWITCH on pottery wheel

    Hello, fairly new to all this but done my best to get to this stage! Im repairing a pottery wheel and am looking for a modern replacement for a STOPCIRCUIT GDU-2U-73-P1. As i understand this is a panel mount 2a, trip curve c, circuit breaker with an auxiliary contact. Looking through spec...
  2. rosssjamess

    Rating of circuit breaker for protection.

    This circuit breaker is rated as 12V-48V 100A and I have to use this circuit breaker between additional alternator (24V 100A) in my vehicle and additional battery bank to provide overcurrent/short circuit protection. Will it be efficient to my 24V system or is not recommended using a 48V circuit...
  3. C

    Branch protection circuit breakers

    I was looking at the FAZ-NA line of circuit breakers by Eaton, and I was wondering if the capability of these to provide short-circuit interruption and thermal overcurrent protection removes the need of an overload relay. It seemed strange that these branch protectors were so much cheaper than...