1. A

    Antenna Radiation Patterns Explained

    Hi, Been struggling to find information that I find to be obviously missing on how to interpret antenna radiation patterns. For example have a look in the datasheet for my chip antenna. I can understand the three 2D radiation pattern graphs, one for each plane, what I don't understand is what...
  2. Tibor10

    Balun and antenna for AX5243-1-TW30

    Hello everyone, could anyone help me how to find balun (one chip) for AX5243-1-TW30 868 MHz? And in addition could you recommend the most suitable antenna planar or chip? I understand that it depends on many factors but if you have any experience with configuration of AX5243-1-TW30 + balun +...
  3. V

    How to increase range of a BLE chip

    Hello I have an RN4871 Bluetooth chip and integrated it with my micro. The chip is scanning for nearby BLE devices and reporting them to the host micro via UART. However, I see that the range of this chip is just 10 m. I could buy RN4870 and increase the range to 50m, but that's still not...