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    ADC for 8 Buttons

    Hi folks, for a uni project I’m creating a synth using an Arduino. I want to have at a minimum 8 buttons for an input but I’m restricted to using only 1 or 2 input pins. Therefore I wanted to use an ADC to convert the input to binary values. I wanted to use no IC’s if possible so tried using an...
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    How does this four-pin reset switch work?

    Hello, I am studying a schematic, and am not sure how this reset switch is supposed to work: I cannot find any other switch that uses this symbol, and it just looks like all of the pins are shorted to ground. I don't understand why/how this switch works on the actual board. Is anyone able to...
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    "Control Panel" Play Station — How?

    Let me just state: I'm a totally newb (some entry-level Arduino and breadboard tutorials under my belt) and my vision is vastly outside the scope of my abilities, but I'm here to get some broad tips and feedback so that I can figure out where to begin on my path towards actualizing this project...