bridge rectifier

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    Purpose of a rectifier in a positive oscillating circuit

    Hello, I found a circuit (transmitter) design that would create an oscillating magnetic field. Another circuit (receiver) would pick the induced voltage up and amplify it. Now as I understand it, the oscillating part has only positive voltage. But in the receiver part they use a recitfier. Why...
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    AC voltage sensor using Rectifier

    Hello I'm trying to implement a rectifier and AC voltage sensor. The rectifier part works just fine. I'm able to power my device without any issues. Please look at C2 in the screenshot (Circuit schematic). This connector is connected to AC voltages. Vin is a rectifier and the DC part is to...
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    Help with basic piezoelectric generator circuit design

    Hello, I want to experiment with the properties of piezoelectric generator devices. I am looking to get a few PZT devices where I can stress / impact the material to produce current. I have concept to use multiple PZT devices where they will be stressed simultaneously. The PZT devices output a...