1. S

    Standards for Breaker Wiring

    I am an on-site technician performing routine maintenance and repairs on mechanical and electrical equipment. I’ve found that testing for continuity between ground and line (hot/positive), with the breaker off of course, I regularly read about 100 ohms. I would be more worried if it wasn’t...
  2. Lambo Av

    Circuit Breaker Location

    Hi, in IEEE 3 bus, why are circuit breakers connected at the 'load' rather than connected at the 'generator and load'?
  3. J

    Single phase induction motor trips breaker

    Hi, So I've got this rotary floor sander I've got to fix. When I opened it I noticed someone had fixed it before and 1 of the capacitors had swollen. I've been told it had been working for a long time before the capacitor broke. I assumed the silver one was the run capacitor and the blue broken...