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    25 STM32F0 flashed with a bootloader in less than 30 seconds

    Hey guys, For my first post for a while I post I post here a bootloader project I'm working on. I achieve to flash 25 STM32F0 in less than 30 secondes through the network and to orchestrate 2 applications on each of this MCU with Luos_engine. It's a kind of octopus, but I like the result...
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    USB not recognized for pic18F14K50

    Hello I am trying to make USB connection to PIC18f14k50. Following are connections :- Pin 1 (Vdd)------>5V Pin 2 & 3 -------->External crystal oscillator (20MHz) Pin 4 (MCLR)------------->Pulled high with 10K Pin 20 -------------------->GND Pin 17---------------------> capacitor (0.1UF)...
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    Hello Everyone, I am new to the bootloader concept and i really want to learn this. First of all i have some doubts regarding to the bootloader 1. How bootloader checks if there is any valid application is present or not? 2. Valid Application? What do you mean by...