blinking led

  1. adityanaiyyar

    Why This Blinking LED Circuit Not Working?

    I built this circuit on my own thinking that it would work as blinking circuit. But the LED is not glowing at all ! and obviously its not working as LED blinking circuit. I want complete explanation of this circuit. Thanks !
  2. Selvedin

    DIY Ambient light won't shine, just blinking

    Hello good people, I bought a car ambient light neon strip. It works with an adapter which transforms DC voltage to about 100V AC. When I test it on my adapter it works just fine, it shines perfectly at 6V and 12V. The problem is when I connect it to the windows up/down light at the cars door...
  3. Sphades

    I need help with a LED Organ circuit.

    Hello guys! This is my first post here, so I'm sorry if I break any rules or anything. I'd need some help with an LED Organ circuit. This is the design I came up with: It's just a crossover circuit connected to 3 transistors that are supposed to pull the LED's low. Problem is that it is not...
  4. C01000110010011110101100

    Voltage sensing circuit to trigger blinking led

    I need a circuit to flash an LED. The battery is 3.6v 1A, this powers a fairly dim 2.5v micro LED (probably a very low current), I don't think this alone could power a flashing LED circuit, so I want to piggyback off of this LED to trigger the circuit to flash a 3.6v LED. So I'll have a 3.6v...