1. adityanaiyyar

    Why This Blinking LED Circuit Not Working?

    I built this circuit on my own thinking that it would work as blinking circuit. But the LED is not glowing at all ! and obviously its not working as LED blinking circuit. I want complete explanation of this circuit. Thanks !
  2. P

    Blinking LED for Generator Power

    I need one small circuit which can be placed at the back of a switch board. The functionalities will be as follows. 1. There are 2 supply lines (220v), (A) and (B), where (A) is active in case when power supply is there OR diesel generator (DG) is running. B) is active in case when ONLY power...
  3. Danirov

    Fail: Low battery indicator blink and dim

    Hi! I would be very grateful if you can help me. I have been building some circuits to turn on a LED when the battery is low (images), but there is a problem: The led dim and blink between the OFF and fully ON state for some minutes. My circuit consumes 0.23A and is supplied by a 3.7v/1400mAh...